Letting go of someone you loved so deeply is the hardest things to do in life. When we fall for someone we develop a strong bond and connection and when we try to let it go it becomes even more difficult as our emotions generally cloud our logic and things seem even more petrifying. Strong bonds, laughter, moments of togetherness, there are so many things that make it hard for us to move on in life, even when you know that you are putting aside your own happiness.

However, to live a happier life, it is very important to learn to let go of things that are stopping you to embrace your life and to breathe again. Holding on to past moments and feelings makes us go through trauma and suffocation and we become upset, bitter, stressed and tensed. To get a successful and happier life you must let go of things that are stopping you to attain a peaceful life.

10 Signs that Shows its time to break the shackles and move on from a relationship Millennial Mag

Here are the signs that show it’s time to break the shackles to let go and move on:

  1. You don’t feel like meeting each other

When in love, we often get the urge to see that person, to meet him, to spend time together, but if you no more feel the need to meet each other then you should definitely let go of that person and move on in life. In place of giving excuses and hurting each other its better to let each other go.

  1. You are becoming someone you’re not

Our surroundings, personal values and behavior reflect our true self. If you are someone who is constantly moving towards the wrong direction and becoming someone that you never want to become, then your partner or current relationship might be the reason behind this. If this is your case too- then it is the right time to move on- you don’t need to change yourself for anyone.

  1. Your partner never appreciates you

No matter how much you try, your partner never praises you or appreciate you for your effort. You always put your best foot forward to get noticed or appreciated, but you never get the desired response. They always take you for granted and keep praising others, but never pay attention to you. Always remember, it is very important to be with someone who value you and appreciate your efforts.

  1. You are the only one who is making sacrifices

Making adjustments and sacrifices are a part of the relationship. But if you are the only one who is making compromises and adjustments, then you need to rethink twice about this relationship. You cannot live your whole life making sacrifices; especially when somebody is not willing to return you any favors.

  1. You feel alone

If you are in a relationship and still feel alone or isolated, then trust me this relationship is not good for you. Sometimes couple live in different cities, but, their feelings and behavior is so strong that they never feel ignored or alone. If you cannot count on your partner to keep you happy-step out of that relationship.

  1. You are frustrated

You always try to stay happy but couldn’t due to your partner or the situations that he creates around you. You feel frustrated and are tired of daily arguments and fights. If you are someone who deals with regular fights in the relationship, then move out of it and find a new purpose in life.

  1. You are unable to achieve your dreams

A relationship plays a very vital role in our life especially when it comes to achieving your dreams and goal. Their strength, motivation and support help you to reach your target and goals in life. If you feel that your partner is not helping you to do that and creates hurdles for you- then you are surely with a wrong person.

  1. You feel bored

If you think that life is boring and seeing each other do not excite you anymore, then you are not ideal for each other and should part your ways to live a better life.

  1. You are faking happiness

Sometimes when we stuck in a wrong relationship and find ourselves too weak to move out of it, we start faking our happiness. We pretend we are happy and satisfied with the current situation, but in reality we hide the truth inside us and fake a smile every day. You get only one life and I am sure you don’t want to waste it by faking your happiness to be in a wrong relationship.

  1. You are trying to fix it even though you know it is not going to work

After so many failed attempts, you still try to make things work for each other. You try to fix it again and again and get the same results every time you do it. The truth that you need to accept is that you should let go and move on in life to make it better for both  of you.