1. “FRIEND: Do you want to hang out this weekend”

2. “Yes of course I got your text – I’m just ignoring it. Don’t make it weird.”

3. “People who think they can just show up to your house with no warning whatsoever have issues “


4. “No new friends.” – Drake (but also me)

5. me: i’m so lonely. why doesn’t anyone ever ask to hang out??

6. PROTIP: You don’t even have to have anything playing in the headphones to get people to stop talking to you.

7. *clicks on MAYBE ATTENDING*

8. Friends: we’re outside


9. Now all I want is for friends to cancel plans.

10. I wrote you a song it’s called “stop talking to me”

11. just pretended to walk past the elevator so I could come back & get one all to myself

12. leaving the house with 72% battery for a night out. BREATHE.

13. I believe in annoyed at first sight

14. I’m sorry please love me still.

15. I really need to start answering my text messages