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Being a mother in your 30s isn’t easy. Parenting is something that most of the people experience in life, but it isn’t as easy as it seems. This is especially for mothers in their 30s. At this age, you confront a specific set of challenges when it comes to raising children.

  1. You feel like you don’t have enough energy for all the responsibilities.

In your younger years, you may have possessed the capacity to hold down an all-day work while celebrating at weekends and staying up late on weeknights. Presently, in your thirties, you choose not to party all night and you are most likely to spend the evening sitting back, relaxing and being on your own.  It’s because in your in 30s your natural energy levels begin to change. Apparently, now when you have a child to take care of, you don’t get enough breaks for yourself.  You face a conflict within yourself because of wanting to do a lot of the new responsibilities, but ending up being frustrated and exhausted by the end of the day.

  1. The Expectations are too high

As a grown-up and responsible adult people anticipate that you will not just perform well in your professional life but also be an amazing parent. You might battle to keep up your position in the profession while keeping your partner happy and getting up in the night to tend to your baby. This situation puts you in a state of mental pressure because of the great expectations coming up from all ends of life.

  1. Your Parents still want you to follow them, they don’t consider you as a responsible adult.

Despite the fact that you have been a grown-up for quite a long time, your parents may at present offer their spontaneous advice at every point where parenting comes into play. All the way from what the child should wear, eat or how he should be carried and when to make him sleep. Because they definitely have had the similar experiences while bringing you up, but you can’t follow every advice. Their all advice come purely out of love and concern for you and for the baby, but you being in a certain situation feels trapped. You feel over conscious of not being wrong at any point.

  1. They expect you to be a strong, independent woman at this point when you need help the most.

Since you are in your 30s, in the eyes of people you are a grown up woman who is fully capable of carrying out all the responsibilities with ease.  But does being an adult mean you wouldn’t need any help, the truth is – mothers of a newborn are going to need help every now and then. People may even judge you for needing help and they may consider it your lack of parenting skills. Although, they ignore the fact that parenting indeed is the toughest job, especially when you have to multi-task throughout the day and switch between multiple types of jobs at home along with the baby. It is not only the baby that you have to take care of, it’s the chores at times, it’s the pets or it could be the community services or even meeting up with people just to maintain social stature seems tough at this time. At a certain point, you may feel a strong need for a helping hand.

  1. Your child grows up much quicker than you thought

You may have postponed parenthood until your thirties, thinking that it would allow you to settle down in your profession or purchase the most ideal home. It can be entirely stunning at the first place when you understand how quickly time flies when you are bringing up your children. Life appears to happen at lightning speed. Your child grows up really quick, to the point that you begin to feel disconnected with the time. For instance, it is astonishing how frequently you need to buy new outfits every couple of weeks and the outfits you bought last time with so much of love doesn’t not fit the child at all. You’re at times baffled to see how fast the things are changing.

  1. You experience a great deal of struggle to manage time between your child and your parents.

As you enter your thirties, your parents will likely be entering their older years. You get to be aware of the way that they are getting older, and you should be spending more time with them. You confront this feeling the first time when one of your parents begins to become a little weak, face health issues.   You may actually crave to give them more time and spend some quality time with them alongside with the kid who is also growing up and needs a lot of love and attention of yours. You just wonder if you could live 40 hours a day.

  1. The last thing – You are not the only one

If you can connect well with the above mentioned feelings. Let me tell you, you are not alone. A majority of 30-something mothers feel the same way. I would suggest you not to feel stuck in this moment, you need to reach out to the people in the same situation probably a friend who also gave birth to a little one lately or your neighbors or maybe even a community center. There are plenty of parenting support groups, connecting with people who are going through same phase will not only give you support but it will also give you the strength to be your level best and not feel guilty about the little things that you think were not so perfect along the way.