How would you react if you suddenly realize that your wedding dress got stolen on the day of your wedding? Well, this is what happen with this bride from Utah. On the day of her wedding, Erin Dimond discovered that her wedding dress got stolen from the car on the day of her wedding.

But all thanks to her friends and relatives that she was able to walk down the aisle in a wonderful white wedding gown as she planned it to be. “We feel so loved,” the bride, Erin Dimond, told local ABC News affiliate KTVX. “We feel so loved and taken care of.”

On the wedding day, when the groom, Joshua Dimond went out to look at his parked car in the hotel’s parking came to know that the car’s window was smashed and his soon to be better half’s dress has gone missing.

“I was like, ‘Ha-ha that’s funny,’” Erin Dimond recalled saying when Joshua told her the bad news. “He said, ‘No, really it’s gone. What do you want to do?”

After realizing the seriousness of the situation, he immediately called his friends to help, to make the arrangements and KTVX to help them find a dress. The great thing was that everyone came out to support and KTVX did their best to arrange the wedding gown in the same size as that of the bride.

“I actually got a call around 9 a.m. when I was in the shower,” Nikki’s Bridal co-owner Ali Iraheta told ABC News. “I dropped everything and met the reporter at the store.”

“When you hear a story like this, as a woman and after working with so many brides, I didn’t hesitate to help”, “Everything went so fast because I knew she had to be married at 11 a.m.,” Iraheta said. “We just did the best that we could.”

In their first wedding ceremony, inside the salt temple lake, Erin chose to wear a different white gown that her friends bought from the local bridal store, Candlelight dresses.

“Thankfully, we had all of our friends,” the groom, Joshua Dimond, told KTVX after the couple said “I do.” “Everyone was so willing to help us. We’re extremely grateful for all the help they’ve given us.”