Scientists who were researching on the human- animal bond recently revealed that Cats are actually good for your health. Cats are one of the most favorite pets, among Americans. There are around 74 million cats living in an American household. They are one of the cutest pets and lighten up your day every time you see them. But do you know Cats contribute to your health and makes you stronger and healthier. Sorry dog owners, but it is true that cats can add years to your life.

Cats can help you to improve your health proves Research- Millennialmag

Helps to improve your cardiovascular System

Studies conducted at the University of Minnesota discovered that those who did not own cats are more likely to die from cardiovascular problems than those who own cats.  It has also been observed that Cat owners tend to suffer less from heart problems too.

Makes your immune system stronger

Yes, it is true. Owning a cat, this feeling itself boosts your immunity. This feeling also helps you to stay away from depression, anxiety and stress. It also improves the social support, add laughter and fun to your life. They immediately understand whenever you feel gloomy and comfort you to make you feel better.

Protect you from allergies and respiratory issues


Research says that Children who grow up and live around cats are generally immune from allergens and other health problems. These children less tend to suffer from respiratory problems like asthma.

Children who grow up with pets develops the feeling of empathy, which helps them to understand the emotions of other present around them. They become more understanding, sensible and responsible.

Reduce the feeling of loneliness                                                                                     

Living with a cat or any other pet never makes you feel alone, which help you to stay happy and cheerful always. It fills you with the feeling of joy. You exchange emotions, spend time together, which motivates you to interact with other people and helps to increase your social connections.

Some other important advantages of owning cats are: 

  • Improves your mood and relieve depression.       cat-1192026__180
  • Help you reduce your medical expenses.
  • Makes your bones healthy and stronger.
  • Cats instantly make sick people feel better.
  • Lowers your cholesterol level.
  • Lowers the risk of strokes.

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