You fall in love more than once and it is just as beautiful as the first one

According to a Pew Research survey conducted in 2010, it was found out that out of 10 about six of them wanted to get married and 84% of the unmarried couples believed that love is the most important reason to marry someone.

In other words, almost everyone wants love in their life as love feels terrific, love is life, love is the reason for your existence and what not. But love isn’t as easy to find. It is said that by the time you are 17 years old, you have already met or come across the love of your life, but it is rarely true as in most cases we are just geeky people going to school for studies rather than for finding true love.

Love is not what you think it is

Dr. Barbara Frederickson, a well-known psychologist made a bold statement in 2013 about love. She stated that the notion of falling in love and living happily ever after was totally wrong. She showed how wrongly love is interpreted in songs and movies. Love isn’t the tangle of closeness, connection, intimacy and sexual desire, nor is it the hard-fought and hard-earned reward after searching for the elusive one-and-only.

In truth, Love is the neurobiological response of our brain as a micro-moment of positivity resonance. This basically refers to the change of emotional connection between people that can only be observed physiologically. Such moments can be shared between anyone be it partners, friends, family, relatives or even strangers.

Everything comes back to science, isn’t it?? Even love has a connection to biology. The mirror neurons, vagal tone and oxytocin play a key role in the sensation known as the feeling of love. When two people connect, the neutral firings of people come into synchrony across different areas of the brain and few minutes later the brain shows synchrony in surges of oxytocin and the neuropeptide implicated in bonding. So according to science, it is indeed true that ‘love at first sight’ is possible.

Fredrickson has raised a good point through her study that ‘true love’ doesn’t occur only between two people who have been in a long-term romance but is possible to happen within an instant between anyone.

While there is zero possibility of us being in full control of our hormone, brain and how we connect with other but we can still make sure to take all possible steps to increase the chances of us meeting THE ONE soon.

  1. Be positive and show it through your actions –

     You need to be positive all the time, no matter how tough your life gets and no matter how many times you get lied to or dumped. You need to control your negative emotions like curiosity, shame, frustration etc. Convert this negativity into positivity and increase your chances of meeting the right one for you as being positive helps in improving the personality and makes you fun to talk to. I mean who will want to listen to your yapping about being frustrated and annoyed with the past when can easily come up with more intriguing topics like life goals, dreams, sports, shopping etc.

  2. Go out there and make yourself available –

    Well the love of your life won’t come knocking at your door, will he? You need to go out there and show everyone how awesome you are and how fun you can be when in a relationship. But remember, so make sure you bring your A game when you are on a date or a party. It merely takes seconds to fall in love and who knows; maybe you will make a good enough impression and finally find the one.

  3. Make eye contact and smile –

    You don’t want to be mistaken for an introvert, do you? You must make eye contacts as eyes are responsible for that election connection that happens instantly between two strangers. And don’t forget to smile a lot, as smile is often considered the best makeup anyone can wear. So always smile as someone might be falling in love with your smile.