The closest anyone can get to heaven is when he stands on a beach and watches the serene view of the sun setting down. It feels as if the Sea is swallowing the Sun itself. It can’t get any better than this right?

Wrong! Beaches have more benefits than you think. It is actually really healthy to pay visits to your nearest beach from time to time. Beaches can often help you take your mind off of your hectic life and job. They are really soothing spots which help relieve all the stress and tension that was bugging you until you reached its sandy shores.

It has been proved by researchers that people living near the coasts are much healthier and happier as compared to people living in the heart of the city. The combination of open space, sea breeze, sunlight and sand provide the ambience to give us mental, spiritual and healing powers.

Here are some of the ways in which beaches greatly benefit us :

  1. Water helps to reduce stress

Believe it or not, but simply sitting on the sand in a beach without any electronic gadgets helps in reducing the stress levels of the body. A recent study in Sweden has proved that being around electronic gadgets all the time increases stress, depress and also causes lack of sleep. This benefit of the beach should come as no co-incidence as since long back, doctors have been prescribing treatments at ‘bathing hospitals’ or ‘sea water bath treatments’ because of the therapeutic effects of water.

  1. The sun

Sunlight provides many benefits other than sunbathing and getting the perfect olive colored skin. Sunlight is one of the main sources of Vitamin D, a vital requirement for your body as it helps with the absorption of calcium and building strong bones. A portion of Vitamin D comes from the diet but most of it comes from the Sun. Other than Vitamin D, sun also has other benefits like increasing the endorphins in your body and also prevention of autoimmune diseases. Despite these benefits, don’t over expose your skin to sun otherwise you risk getting skin cancer.

  1. Beaches are great to restore your peace of mind

Studies have proved that places like beaches and waterfront parks have nourishing and restorative benefits for people who want to restore peace. The mild temperatures, the low tides, the sound of tides hitting the coast, the softness of sand underneath their feet and sunrays hitting their face are often the biggest factors that help in restoring the peace within someone.Beaches have much more health benefits than you think Millennial Mag

  1. Walking in sand strengthens your muscles

Walking on sand burns more calories as compared to that while walking on hard surface. It actually requires three times energy to walk on sand as compared to on a hard surface. Walking barefoot on the beach stimulates the nerve endings in your feet. These nerve endings are heightened when you expose your feet to the sand.

Not only this, sand also acts as a natural exfoliant for your skin, so simply walking in the sand near the water helps exfoliate your feet and gives you the sense of renewed skin.

  1. Surfing

Seawater contains a lot of important minerals like magnesium, iodine, potassium etc and these minerals help our body fight protection, heal it, detoxify it and also offer therapeutic effects. It has been proven that surfing helps decrease stress levels and to fight anxiety and depression. Aside from these benefits, surfing and swimming also involve a lot of physical exercise of the major muscles of our body, it helps improve the physique and to get a fit body.