Life is sometimes fun and sometimes really mean. But what matters the most is that how we make our way through all the difficulties life puts us through. And what if somebody else comes to you and help you through your bad times. Doesn’t it feel wonderful, when somebody offers you the helping hand in times of your need?

This guy saw a hungry mom at McDonalds and the way he decided to help the woman is truly incredible. We all should learn from him and should understand that never hesitate to offer the help when you see someone in need. Read this priceless note that he writes to a the Hungry Mom, who cries when reading it.


via lifehack

Have you wondered that by making little efforts you can also change somebody’s life? It is not necessary that offering a money is the only way to help, but sometimes an affectionate note, a few words of motivation and support is enough to contribute to others life. And trust me, it feels great when you do it. All you need to do is show a little courage, put a step forward and help individuals that needs little support and encouragement to fight back with their life problems. They just want somebody to tell them that they’re strong and brave enough to tackle any situation and hurdles.

And to all the single parents out there- I just want to say life can be sometimes tough. Always stay strong, show empathy and kindness. Life is full of ups and downs and there is nothing that you can’t do. Just stay motivated, determined, never lose hope and remember you are a star.