Guns And Roses Costume Baby

Meet Laura Izumikawa, a photographer, and her adorable 4-month-old daughter, Joey Marie.

The new mom says she couldn’t help but stare at the little cutie pie while she slept — and that’s when she had an idea. “Joey slept so deeply so I thought it’d be fun adding little props around her just to send some hilarious pictures to our parents and friends,” she said. Inzumikawa makes these cute little costumes based on pop culture icons like Sia, Jon Snow, Beyonce, Pikachu.Some of her costumes are also inspired by TV shows like “Star wars ” and “Stange Things”. It all started when Inzumikawa realized that she can’t “Sleep when the baby sleeps”, that’s not something that works for her. So, she decided to use few props lying around the house to dress her up and click some hilariously amazing pictures while the baby took a sound sleep . These pictures went viral on Instagram , Laura Izumikawa has 117k followers on Instagram. Take a look how Laura dresses her up :

She dressed up Joey as Eleven from Stranger Things and this picture alone received 14k+ likes just in few days.

Adorable Costumes- Millennial Mag

Cutest version of Goku from Dragon Ball Z

Adorable Costumes- Millennial MagHere’s another picture, with cuteness overloaded.

Adorable Costumes13 - Millennial MagThat’s right, perfectly dressed as Sia.

Adorable Costumes10 - Millennial Mag

Garth from Wayne’s World

Adorable Costumes1 - Millennial Mag

Well, that’s an adorable Viking !

Adorable baby - Viking- Millennial Mag

DJ Skrillex 😀

Adorable baby-Skrillex-Millennial Mag

Aww..that one makes me believe in mermaids <3

Adorable Costumes5- Millennial Mag

Run DMC- “It’s Tricky is the title, here we go…”

Run DMC - adorable kid -laura And that’s her latest update – Guns and Roses Guns And Roses Costume Baby