Flowers are everyone’s favourite. Different flowers have different beauties, some smell good, some look good, then again some are both attractive and smell good. But some health surveys have also revealed some interesting facts about certain flowers beyond their visual or aerial beauty. Several health magazines show that certain flowers are very effective in refreshing moods, helping in various health related treatments. So, flowers can be very useful gift to a person, who is having a bad health.

Guidelines-to-Pick-Immaculate-Get-Well-Flowers-for-Someone-Unwell Millennial Mag

Certain flowers can be a very good get well messenger to a visiting patient from his/her visitor. But, not all flowers can be good get well gifts for patients as some flowers can cause really serious health issues, or may cause the hospital premises dirty. This article provides certain things that are to be kept in mind while choosing flowers to show care for patients in a hospital, so that one’s love through flower should provide healing benefits rather than causing shabbiness in hospital premises.

1. Select Flowers That Are Less Allergenic

Select-Flowers-That-Are-Less-Allergic Millennial Mag

Firstly, many people are allergic to flowers. And the cause of allergy is nothing but the exposed pollens of the flowers that fly in the air openly. So, it is always better to choose flowers which do not expose the pollens in the air. An expert florist suggested that rose, chrysanthemums and carnations are the best get-well soon flowers that can be gifted to a patient. These flowers do not expose their pollens in the air, so there is no chance of any kind of allergy, like sneezing that can happen neither to the patient, nor to any of the hospital staff.

2. Houseplants Are the Best Get Well Soon Gifts

Houseplants-Are-the-Best-Get-Well-Soon-Gifts Millennial Mag

Effective surveys reveal that houseplants serve multiple aids for a patient. Firstly, these are effective mood lifters, they are air purifiers and they lower blood pressure and reduce pain. Few tropical houseplants like philodendron, spider plants, also are scientifically proven to remove pollutants like formaldehyde from the indoor air.

3. Small Flowers Are Better Choices

Small-Flowers-Are-Better-Choices Millennial Mag

Once a patient receives a get well flower from a visitor; it is to be carried with him/her, while he/she leaves the hospital. Besides, small bouquet arrangements of flowers are very easy to shift whenever needed. So, the visitor, if going to visit the patient shortly before his/her discharge, should choose small bouquet instead of large and clumsy flowers.

4. Choose Woody Stick Flowers

Choose-Woody-Stick-Flowers Millennial Mag

When a visitor chooses a flower, it is the florist who can help him/her out with the perfect flower for a hospital patient. Usually, flowers that have hard tissues in their stick are preferable for hospital rooms because they do not need fresh water regularly. Besides, comparatively woody stock flowers are easy to keep in vases as they do not lean down. Keeping this in mind, roses by far the best flower that can be the best get well gift to a patient in a hospital. A chrysanthemum also has comparatively less soft tissues in their stock.

5. Colour Matters

Guidelines-to-Pick-Immaculate-Get-Well-Flowers-for-Someone-Unwell Millennial Mag

Check in any hospital room and one will find only subtle colours around. So it is important for the visitor to choose proper flower for the patient. Usually, light colour flowers like pink, yellow roses or cream coloured chrysanthemums or white carnation sticks are best to be gifted as get well flowers. One must surely avoid vibrant colours like red, blue or violet; and for a patient who has had an eye surgery recently, these colours are strictly harmful to them.

6. Surprise Welcome Gift


Get well flowers are undoubtedly a wonderful gift, but it causes liability both to the hospital staffs as they have to keep an eye to clean these regularly and again to the patient as he/she has to carry it home once been discharged. So, the best way to avoid both these burdens are to take the patient’s home address and on his/her day of discharge, either be present by one’s self or send the get well soon flower gift to the patient’s house. It will be the best surprise the patient will ever have.

Flowers express every emotion perfectly. And when it comes to convey someone a message of soon recovery, these get well soon flowers are one of their kinds.