“Travel while you’re young and able. Don’t worry about the money, just make it work. The experience is far more valuable than money will ever be” – David Avocado Wolfe

True indeed. Traveling is one such experience that can completely change your life. But what is more important is to visit a place that can help you attain the enlightenment to live life in a completely new way.  Rome, Italy, France, Switzerland, are some of the destinations that we all wish to go one day. But trust there is one such place that can give a total new meaning to your life and that one place is- INDIA.

5 Reasons Why you must visit India once before you turn 30 Millennial Mag

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India, known for its rich culture and heritage, the land of traditions and an amazing history. It is a place that never disappoints its visitors. The land which believes, “The guest is equivalent to God” and always welcome its guests with a warm heart and respectfulness. India is also considered as one of the most hospitable country. I think I have already given you enough valid reasons to visit the country, but wait, that’s not all. There is so much that you need to know about this country and the reasons that why you must visit India before you turn 30.

  1. The Culture

5 Reasons Why you must visit India once before you turn 30 Millennial Mag

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No matter how much I try to define the culture, customs and tradition of India, you cannot understand it until you don’t visit this country yourself. Visit any part of India and you will notice a huge cultural difference. Every state in India has a different culture, festivals and rituals that they follow so wonderfully. The festivals are so amazing, peaceful and colorful that you cannot hold yourself from taking part in it. And of course the unity that they share- Irrespective of their different religions, people celebrate all the festivals together and with much love. Just step in India, and you’ll understand How wonderful it feels to be in India.

  1. The People

5 Reasons Why you must visit India once before you turn 30 Millennial Mag

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Talking about the reasons, you cannot ignore the wonderful people that you’ll meet here. People in India are full of life and always welcome their guest with an open heart and great love. Even children are so respectful that you will feel like you have come to a whole new world. The amazing thing about the Indians is that they are always ready to help and will try their best to get you the right information.  They will interact with you, shows their concern and are the most welcoming and hospitable people you will encounter in life. Not only Indians, but you’ll also come across many other travelers too, as every year large number of people visit India to experience the rich culture and heritage of India.

  1. Mouthwatering Food

5 Reasons Why you must visit India once before you turn 30 Millennial Mag

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India, the land of spices, herbs, fruits and vegetables is worldwide known for its food. Just like its varied tradition, every state has a different food too. They practice different cooking methods and ingredients to cook food, so wherever you’ll go, you’ll find a new variety and taste in the food.  And it is not always spicy, you can ask for anything that you like. You’ll get plenty of options to try. But you should definitely Indian cuisine once in your life and of course its mouth watering flavors.

  1. Religion and spirituality

5 Reasons Why you must visit India once before you turn 30 Millennial Mag

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The biggest fact about India is that the life lessons that you can learn being in India, you cannot learn anywhere else in this world. Religions play a very crucial role in India, but here in India, the way people live their life by embracing religion and spiritualism beautifully will take your heart away.  People in India live in unity and practice their religion wonderfully without any oppression. The thing that amazes most of the travelers is India’s belief in spiritualism. By visiting India, you’ll definitely learn to practice spiritualism in your life and trust me it brings huge difference to our lives.

  1. The places

5 Reasons Why you must visit India once before you turn 30 Millennial Mag

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India is a land of beautiful hill stations, vivid culture, deserts, lush green forest, there is so much to see and experience in India, that you’ll never want to go back. Talking about the places- You cannot miss to visit “The Taj Mahal- An epitome of love” and of course the historical buildings, forts, vast deserts and colorful streets of Jaipur. If you are a nature lover and looking for places that can help you stay close to India’s nature and lush green hills than you can opt for North East India or Kerala. Goa is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in India.  Every year people from all around the world visit Goa to enjoy its serene beaches and Goan lifestyle.

This is one such country that you must visit once in your lifetime.  You will definitely take some amazing memories and lifetime experiences home.