Every good employee generally loves his job and always perform his duties with full dedication and honesty. But there are many factors which force people to quit their job, no matter they like it or not. Those who are good at their work always get million of opportunities to switch the job as what comes first is the job satisfaction and a good working environment. These are the two basic factors everybody wish to have in their job. However, there are many other reasons to why people choose to change their ideal job and it is not just about salary and job location.

Reasons why great employees quit their job

No Career Growth

Just because somebody has a job that doesn’t mean that he is willing to work on the same project and platform his entire life. Whether it is a life or job, everybody needs change, people want exposure in their jobs. They want to grow and always look for opportunities to take up new projects and assignments for their career growth.  They want challenges and excitement in the jobs which can help them grow along with the organization. When a company fails to provide such factors to its employee, they left with no other option than to leave their job.

Difference & Inequality

If any company fails to stay honest and fair with the employees, then it is quite obvious for staff to quit the job. Every company follows the employment practices and policies, when any organization or company obligates the rules and policies, it becomes really difficult for the employees to survive in such atmosphere. Nowadays, all employees have their own mindset and priorities and nobody wants to work in a company that practice racism, sexism or any type of discrimination. A good employee always looks for flexibility and diversity in the work atmosphere. They never appreciate outdated and orthodox  cultures.

Reasons why great employees quit their job

Lack of motivation and Appreciation

Everyone likes to get appreciated for their efforts and hard work. Sometimes even a thanks and a kind words of appreciation is all employees want. They like to be get acknowledged for their work and it is the duty of every company to reward or appreciate the work done by the employees. Though bonus and increment  checks are always the best way to motivate and reward the staff. When an employee feels that he is putting all his efforts and still never gets any credit, they generally decide to quit the job. Not getting appreciated make employees feel worthless so always encourage them and praise the staff for their efforts and hard work.

Promoting the wrong person

It has often observed that some organization pick the wrong people to reward. In place of promoting the right and hardworking employee, they pick wrong employee for their personal reasons which is sad and de-motivating for any good employee. An organization which practice the wrong customs and practices, lacks professionalism and employees that are innovative, intelligent and creative never prefer to work in such atmosphere. They switch their jobs and work in companies that value their intelligence and creativity and offers timely promotion to the employees.

Reasons why great employees quit their job

Low Morale and Satisfaction

Unhappiness and low satisfaction in the workplace generally makes the staff less productive and less creative at work. Work atmosphere and environment of an organization plays a very crucial role in employees’ behavior. If somebody is unhappy and not satisfied with the working environment, they become impolite, cynical, and less productive. They fail to give their best and starts looking for the exit.

Job satisfaction and good working condition does not only boost the morale of the employees, but also help the Organization in its overall growth. Good team building and unity among the workers should be the top most priority of an organization as that’s where the success of any organization lies.

A good employee always looks for all these positive factors in the job and never stays long in a job where he is unhappy and unsatisfied. It is bad and uneducated leadership which often fails to provide its employees a quality atmosphere and motivation to stay in a job, as a result they lose great employees of their organization.